March 19, 2018

T2O media, first and only Digital Media agency in Spain to join Worldwide Partners

T2O media se une a Worldwide Partners

We are the 1st and only Digital Media Agency in Spain to join WorldWide Partners, Inc (WPI) the most important international network for with more than 60 independent agencies in more than 40 countries in the following regions:  Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America

In an industry in which words like evolution, innovation and technology are of everyday use, it’s important to have trustworthy international partners to keep moving forward and help us offer the best solutions to our clients 🙂

The World Is Yours – 80 Years from Worldwide Partners, Inc. on Vimeo.

What it means to be a member of Worldwide Partners

This collaborative network of multidisciplinary independent agencies, of which T2O is now a part of, will help us achieve global excellence from local impact.

It’s a Hub that unites the creativity, local expertise and resources of all the agencies that are part of it, to solve any client´s problem both locally and internationally. Brands such as Coca Cola, P&G or 3M are already investing in talent, initiative and entrepreneurship of WPI partner agencies.

The agencies associated to WPI will manage more than say 2.5 Billion US dollars in advertising investment globally.

Oscar Alonso, T2O media´s CEO, says that “in a sector where the notion of “Think Global, act Local” reigns supreme, it’s important to count with a network such as Worldwide Partners Inc.

From T2O media we will contribute our knowledge of the Latin American Market to Southern european countries and both North and South America. This partnership will help us achieve a global vision and a more complex insight of other markets”.

This is a big step for us, as it will allow us to have a bigger access to possible clients, whose needs are distributed through more than 5 continents.

In the words of Alfonso del Barrio, our Managing Director, “to have a global network at our disposal, with absolute guarantees and contrasting skills, makes us better players that may compete in equal conditions and even with different skills than those offered by bigger global media agency”.


Technology and Innovation, the biggest strenghts of T2O media

Two of the biggest pillars of our agency are precisely the technology segment, which represents 30% of our team and has been a key component in our success rate with clients, in projects as important as predicting data conversion thanks to Big Data and Machine Learning and our Innovative DNA thanks to which we recently achieved Institutional Recognition as an Innovative PYME.

Without a doubt, our adhesion to Worldwide Partners Inc, we will have the chance to keep on offering our best service, on a global level 🙂