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A Spanish jewelry company founded in 1920, is one of the biggest global jewelry brands. Present in 56 countries with more than 700 retail stores, it generated €466M in revenue in 2018. The core aspect of its business is jewelry (accounting for nearly 73% of sales), while also offering other products like handbags, watches, perfumes, and eyewear.

They would like to have a formal presence in the different online marketplaces. This is an opportunity for massive sales growth. TOUS needs a partner that can help them set up, manage and optimize their online marketplaces in the US, with the overall goal of increasing total sales volume and revenue. Additionally, they need assistance navigating the competitive landscape in the US market, where other brands like Pandora, Kay Jewelers, Michael Kors, Kendra Scott, and Ross-Simons are more popular.


Own the channel and provide a 360° approach to consulting

To become the partner that TOUS needs, we have to act as an extension of their business, and develop and execute a strategy focused on:

  • Performance
  • Logistics
  • Support
  • Technology
  • Media Mix
Tous Case Study

We take advantage of the opportunity that US Online Marketplaces present for retail brands

Set up shop

We have to become accessible to the existing audience looking for TOUS in marketplaces.

  • Initiate Advertising
  • Improve CX
  • Ongoing Optimization

Connect, convert, and grow

Increase awareness of the brand and focus on bringing in more product views and more traffic to the storefront.

  • Initiate Advertising
  • Improve CX
  • Ongoing Optimization


Identify other Marketplaces where we can repeat the entire process with high efficiency.

  • Internationalization
  • Secondary Marketplaces
  • Establish Relationships with Online Retailers

A process divided into 3 phases

  1. Brand Awareness: we understood that TOUS was a new brand in the US Amazon Marketplace, so the short-term objective was to raise awareness, while ROI was in the mid-term plan.
  2. Data Collection & Optimization: the volume of 1st party data collected by our prospecting efforts allowed us to acquire actionable insights to help improve the storefront and the restructuring of campaigns.
  3. Customer Retention & Brand Loyalty: the DSPs capabilities have allowed us to create audiences collected from our product views and overall storefront user activity. The creation of audiences allows the brand to continue to deliver messaging to in-market users and loyal customers.
Tous Case Study

improved yearly ACos

2019 vs 2020
Products listing

Reviewed as "Excellent"


Increased unique buyers


Right Audience Target


More sales during peak period

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