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Acnur Comité español, a Spanish non-governmental organization created in 1993 and considered to be of public utility, supports the work of the UN Agency in protecting and assisting refugees around the world.

Acnur conveyed to us the need to boost their branding and optimize the results of the campaign by focusing on a series of quality KPIs: viewability, creative density, fraud and brand safety.


We use the most advanced technology

We have the collaboration of the IAS (Integral Ad Science) technology. By implementing their tools in this campaign, we achieve a greater visibility on the Pre-Bid and Post-Bid activity that by other means we would not have been able to analyze, in relation to visibility, sites with excessive advertising or Brand safety. In this way we were able to apply simple and intuitive optimizations that have allowed us to improve practically all the ratios related to the activity in this period.

Acnur CS

A strategy based on 2 steps


We monitored the indicators we wanted to improve. During a week we measured the results that each support gave and we could see that not only the branding was improved, but many other metrics were benefited.


The filters that IAS has implemented in the DSPs used by t2ó for the campaign were applied and the supports that obtained the worst ratios were eliminated from the planning.


Double digits in just one week

We managed to achieve the desired impact and also improve other performance metrics, thus also optimizing the NGO’s investment. The overall results of the campaign were improved, with eCPM reduced by 21.67% and CPL by 10%.

Acnur niño

“Tools such as IAS allows us to have greater effectiveness and control in our campaigns, something essential in an organization like ours”

Enrique García SánchezMarketing Manager at Acnur Spanish committee

Improved visibility

less high risk
less moderate risk

Brand safe

low density
high density

Ad Clutter improvement

"very high supports"
"very low" supports

Increased Traq Score

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