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American Express Company, commonly known as AMEX or AmEx, is a financial institution based in New York, in the state of the same name. It has over 1700 offices in more than 130 countries around the world.

Amex’s main need was to improve its global site, changing the web architecture from a corporate website to one focused on providing the solutions demanded by customers optimizing the conversion to lead. In addition, a request was made to reach decision makers at key moments, for which an improvement in its organic search engine positioning was considered.


We analyze the target audience and message

We began by carefully analyzing the target audience and the messages that Amex wanted to convey, and then designed a methodology to modify and adapt the site.

American Express Case Study 1

Keyword Research

We carried out a Keyword Research that after the client’s approval was the basis for building the new technical and semantic part.


We proceeded to maintain our own means, where for example there were broken or unusable links to be repaired in order to achieve greater visibility.

Types and forms location

We introduced forms in places on the website where there were no forms to invite the user to complete and get leads.


We position AMEX
in the first pages
of Google

We started the year with 5 quality words positioned and thanks to a hard work , we finished the year with an important advance: Amex appeared in the first pages of Google results.

American Express Card

“It has been a challenging account due to the limitations we have encountered, and yet the learning we have had throughout 2 years of collaboration has given us the necessary expertise to be considered as key actors in Amex's daily work.”

Alfonso PérezOwned Media Coordinator

Keywords in the Google first 3 pages


Keyword Research


Organic leads per month

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