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LOEWE is a Spanish luxury fashion house specialising in leather goods, clothing, perfumes and other fashion accessories. Founded in 1846, Loewe approaches 175 years as the oldest and one of the world’s major luxury houses. The company belongs to LVMH.

LOEWE Fashion partnered with t2ó in June 2018 to grow their organic brand authority and visibility to drive more business into the new e-commerce website


SEO has successfully grown the LOEWE domain authority

Our SEO and Analytics teams worked seamlessly with Loewe to migrate their multiple products lines, add structure to their new website and reporting, develop an SEO strategy and dominate the search engine results page (SERP).

LOEWE Case Study

A strategy with 4 goals

Website Migration

Our SEO team developed a migration strategy and plan for consolidating content. The team optimized the website by making significant updates such as using target keywords in content and on-page elements, internal linking, user-experience tweaks and mobile usability. The Analytics team started on the web development of Loewe’s new website. This included creating an entire tagging plan.

Develop SEO Strategy

We optimized the website and made it mobile-friendly. Then, we optimized service pages to be keyword-specific with supporting content. Also, we incorporated targeted keywords in LOEWE’s provided products. On the Analytics side, we advised Loewe on how to measure interactions on the website and provided them with a link builder so future paid and tagged media flows easily into Google Analytics.

Dominate Branded Keyword Search

We generated more outside information on the LOEWE brand. This was done through generating a wikipedia page and knowledge graph.

Integrate SEO Best Practices

Marketing team, content writers and web developers now implement organic SEO growth processes.


LOEWE is ready to ramp up their strategy one step above

  • Website migration and relaunch was a success: minimal decrease for site indexation, rankings, impressions and clicks.
  • Organic traffic increasing 44% from Q3 2018 – Q3 2019. Additionally, our keyword rankings increased on the new website by 1,143%.
  • LOEWE dominated search results with their website, social profiles and knowledge graph.
  • We integrated SEO best practices into the company’s content creation, website processes and marketing strategy.
LOEWE Case Study
Q3 2018 vs Q3 2019

Increase organic traffic


Increase keyword rankings

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