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Barceló Hotel Group (hotel division of the Barceló Group), is the second largest hotel chain in Spain and the 29th largest in the world. It currently has more than 250 4 and 5 star urban and holiday hotels, and more than 55,000 rooms, distributed in 22 countries.

The company shared with us their need to improve the effectiveness of their advertising investment. We developed a strategy with creative data driven which aimed to impact a highly qualified audience through personalized messages. We carried out an identification of those audiences that could have a greater potential impact on their business in addition to deduplicate the target audiences, in order to maximize and improve not only its efficiency but also the experience of the impacted users.


Precision Marketing

We needed to qualify the audience and improve the – at the time not insignificant – conversion and click rates: to do so, we resorted to a Precision Marketing strategy with the technology of DoubleClick by Google, of which we are partners.

Case Study Barceló


We segment users and apply these segments to media buying, eliminating duplicate information on different platforms.

Programmatic segmentation

We integrate AdWords audience data in order to apply it to programmatic segmentation.


We implement advanced remarketing strategies to show users ads based on their previous actions.



Thanks to the unification of cross-channel data from Barceló users we achieved a holistic profile of the client, which applied to the different actions improved the performance of the campaigns.

Barceló Hotels

“The results have surprised us, we have seen an interesting improvement in the CTR and also in the conversion rate, which indicates that we are on the right track.”

Pau SiquierHead of Digital Marketing & Web Sales of Barceló Hotel Group



Acquisition Costs

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