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Aegon is one of the most important international companies in the insurance and financial sector, with more than 150 years of experience and a staff of more than 28,000 employees in more than 25 markets.

The main objective was to increase the company’s profitability by clearly betting on the digital business through an innovative concept called: «Social Experience: the new generation».


Multiplatform social strategy

The vision was to continue empowering its digital ecosystem with a multi-platform social strategy, in order to grow user interest and increase business volume.


Focus on user needs

We worked together on a Content Marketing Strategy in several social networks (specially Facebook, due to its level of segmentation and exploitation of DATA) that linked organic and paid campaigns to create a «social experience». These campaigns were launched based on a calendar of events such as national holidays, special moments (holidays or back to school), or social events such as Valentine’s Day.

The journey initiated in the social media channels was integrated into a lead management platform that makes the budgetary investment more efficient.

The end-to-end traceability and data management in these channels made it possible to go from having fans or registrations to users with specific patterns.

Multiformat based on moments

The formats used to surprise users were GIFS, look alike of value, remarketing in forms, local diffusion campaigns (based on geolocalization) and joint creations that told stories with a multiformat based on moments.

Personalization and Mobile First

Regarding personalization, it was considered necessary to understand the moments, interests and uses of the target audience: with customer centric synergies were taken advantage of to make the social experience bigger. This pillar was mainly focused on Mobile First, as this experience is (increasingly) lived on the mobile.


A successful joint Content Marketing strategy

From Data and thanks to a hyper-segmented communication and advertising, the interest of the users and the results of the company increased.

Aegon seguros

“For us t2ó is a key piece in our online strategy. It is a solvent company, of recognized prestige and with an experience that gives us great value within our entire digital ecosystem.”

José Carlos López TelloAegon's Manager

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